Business Administration Level 2


Business Administration Level 2




Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (QCF) Qualification Number: 601/3405/7

What is the purpose of this qualification?

The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration has been designed for learners to demonstrate a broad set of skills when carrying out business administrative tasks, and to develop learners’ understanding of the principles that underpin working in a business administrative environment, including specialist and sector related knowledge.

Achievement of the qualification confirms occupational competence for the potential job roles listed below at this level.

What does this qualification cover?
This qualification is based on the National Occupational Standards for the Business Administrative Sector as defined by Skills CFA, the Sector Skills Body.

A minimum of 45 credits is required to achieve this qualification (226 - 351 Guided Learning Hours). Learners will complete mandatory vocational knowledge units in principles of providing administrative services, principles of business document production and information management, and understanding employer organisations.

Mandatory competency units will also be completed in communication in a business environment, manage personal performance and development and develop working relationships with colleagues.

Learners will then choose from a range of specialised business administrative and sector contextualised units that align to the duties of their role including handling mail, producing business documents, using email, principles of team leading, using social media, producing minutes of meetings and collating and reporting data.

How is this qualification assessed?
This qualification is assessed through internal assessment (centre devised assessments including portfolio of evidence, written assignments, practical tasks, etc). For the mandatory knowledge units, learners have the option of being assessed through an externally set onscreen assessment.

Who could take this qualification?
This qualification is for all learners aged 16-18 and 19+ who are capable of reaching the required standards.

There are no specific prior qualifications, knowledge or experience needed before starting the qualification, but learners should have some broad achievement in GCSEs or equivalent qualifications at level 1 and perhaps level 2.

Although this qualification is recognised as the combined competence and knowledge component of the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration, some learners may need or wish to take the qualification on its own. For example, learners may already be employed within a business administrative or cross-sector role that involves carrying out administrative tasks and could be seeking to recognise their competence. Learners may also be working on a part-time or voluntary basis, not yet employed in the industry and seeking work within the business administrative sector.

This qualification is also intended as a Technical Certificate for learners aged 16-18 who are likely to be not yet employed in the industry and seeking employment within the business administrative sector, or those looking to progress into a business administration advanced apprenticeship programme.

What could this qualification lead to?
Learners who have achieved this qualification could progress to an Advanced Apprenticeship in Business Administration or directly into employment in potential job roles such as:
Administrator Receptionist
Office Junior Secretary

This qualification is also designed to support learners to progress into further learning at Level 3, for example a Pearson Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Business Administration.

Level 3 qualifications in this sector are designed for learners to demonstrate a practised set of skills when carrying out business administrative operations including developing and managing administrative systems, processes and functions.

Level 3 qualifications in this sector further develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of the principles that underpin working in a business administrative environment including the principles of business, covering the broader, cross-organisational processes that administrator will need to understand.

If there are larger and / or smaller versions of this qualification or

it is available at different skills levels, why should the learner choose this one?
There is a linked qualification available at level 3,

the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration.
The level 3 qualification is aimed at students who have already demonstrated occupational competence at level 2, and would be appropriate for a learner aspiring to progress to a Higher Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration.

There is also a smaller qualification available at level 2, the Pearson BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Principles of Working in Business Administration.

This qualification is designed to provide learners with a broad range of underpinning occupational knowledge including a work experience opportunity that is required by employers to work within a Business Administrative environment and role.

A further qualification is also available at level 2,
the Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration. This is appropriate for students who want an introductory business administration learning programme to help them better understand the business and administration sector and to support them in their career choices around whether an administrative role is the right career path for them to pursue. It does not offer students a work placement opportunity.

Who supports this qualification?
This qualification is highly valued by a variety of employers in the Business Administrative Sector including those within Telecommunications, Public Services/Local Government, Contact Centre Operations, Education & Training, Transport & Logistics and the Voluntary and Social Enterprise Sector.

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Edexcel / Pearson

Portfolio / Work Based Assesment

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