Customer Service Level 2


Customer Service Level 2


Customer Service


The customer service apprenticeships are designed to provide work-based training, development and new learning opportunities, to develop your knowledge and skills within the work place. Because Customer Service Apprenticeships can be used in all sectors it is difficult to identify specific job roles that an Apprentice may be carrying out. However many industries and organisations are now recruiting bespoke ‘customer service’ staff and by achieving these apprenticeships, young people have a qualification that can be used across sector boundaries giving more opportunities for full employment in a dedicated customer service role.
A level 2 apprenticeship is suitable for candidates who have a particular customer service/administrative job roles and are working in a customer service environment.
A level 3 advanced apprenticeship is aimed at candidates who are delivering and managing service and are accountable in the area of practice. Therefore they can influence what happens at work, use the organisation’s rules and systems flexibly to deliver good service, question the way things are done and suggest improvements and are aware of the commercial pressures facing the organisation.

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16-18 – these learners are fully funded by the Education Funding Agency on a per learner basis, or in the case of Apprentices, by the Skills Funding Agency based on the cost of the relevant framework.


19 -23 – these learners can access funding for a first full level 2 and first full level 3 (or 4), but the rules are very specific and depend upon prior attainment, employment status, location of delivery (classroom/workplace) and the qualifications being taken. This group has become smaller in recent years, reducing from the 19-24 age group, to the 19-23 age group.


24+ – very few of these learners are eligible for public funding. Funding is limited to those most in need: the unemployed and those without basic skills. Level 3 and 4 co-funding used to be available for certain learners in this group, but from 2013/14 all funding for 24+ learners taking level 3 and 4 is limited to loans.

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Edexcel / Pearson

 Below links will direct you to our Awarding Body: Pearson / Edexcel

Intermediate Apprenticeships - Level 2

Customer Service




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Advanced Apprenticeships - Level 3

Customer Service

 Customer Service pathway



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