This support may be practical – helping you negotiate with tutors or manage your coursework better – or as a befriending role to help you during your studies.

Specific and achievable goals may be identified for you to work towards, which your mentor will monitor. Your mentoring relationship will be supported by the College, although there will be confidentiality between you and your mentor.

How is a mentor assigned?

Learners are encouraged to self-refer – you may request to have a mentor by asking your tutor.

If your tutor feels you could benefit from the support of a Mentor then you may be assigned one based on your area of learning. The reasons can range from poor attendance, behavioural problems or a lack of progress, for example.

Mental Health Service

Presidency London College offers ongoing support for learners with mental health issues. If you are finding it difficult to cope then your studies are likely to suffer as a result. We can help you to access the support, advice and information you need.

If you need any advice on overcoming confidence problems, depression, drug/alcohol use or any other mental health issue then please feel free to get in touch.


There are times in life when we all find ourselves in need of some extra support. At Presidency London College we offer a free and confidential counselling service for all of our learners. Our team of friendly and experienced counsellors will listen to your needs and help you to work out your next course of action.

For more information, please contact our discreet Student Services team on 020 3784 6005.